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Trial Gift Set

Trial Gift Set

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1 Jar Monster Edible Cookie Dough

1 Jar PB Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough

1 Protein Muffin Mix (6 Muffins)

2 Protein Donuts

1 4 srv Cookie Dough Chip Protein Pancake Mix (16 Pancakes)

Contains: Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Almond

100% Gluten Free Ingredients

*See Ingredients On Specific Page Of Product*


Edible Cookie Dough: 2TB (34g) 130 Calories/7g Fat/13g Carbs/7g Protein

Prepared Muffin Mix: (1 Muffin) 100 Calories/2g Fat/12g Carbs/9g Protein

Donut: (1 Donut) 140 Calories/7g Fat/13g Carbs/10g Protein

Pancake Mix: (1/2 Cup, 4 Pancakes) 290 Calories/7g Fat/40g Carbs/20g Protein

*Carbs listed are not Net Carbs, to find Net Carbs, subtract fiber & sugar alcohol which can be found on specific page of product*

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